Kimmie Jong On Nukes the World

Kimmie Jong On Nukes the World

What happens when a fictitious, third world dictator discovers advanced, Atlantean technology? He tries to nuke the world, of course. Help Kimmie Jong On survive the labyrinths of the Artificial Sentient System, A.S.S., and achieve his goal of eliminating all the nuclear powers of the world.

About This Game

Third world dictator + Atlantean technology = big trouble for the rest of the world. Assume the role of the fictitious, third world dictator, Kimmie Jong On. While at the beach, he fell into a hole caused by an earthquake. Here he discovered ancient Atlantean technology: jetpacks, materializers, plasma cannons, and super mega nukes, just to name a few. Super mega nukes, nukes strong enough to engulf entire countries. Help Kimmie, in this overhead style shooter, eliminate, one by one, the nuclear powered countries of the world. Help our antagonist, in the protagonist role, shoot his way through the Atlantean labyrinths, dungeon like entrapments filled with enemies, puzzles, sub-bosses, and bosses. Find keys to further your progression past locked doors and avoid wrong turns, traps, and dead ends in the process. All this, eventually, leading to an epic showdown with Atlantis's ultimate weapon, the Artificial Sentient System, A.S.S.


    • Storage: 1178 MB available space
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