Delve into a boundless realm of twisting pathways and absurd bosses.

About This Game

When ethereal whispers are carried on the wind, and the cosmic gateways are left ajar, otherworldly beings begin to emerge from their slumber.

Unfortunately, Farjob is not a game about a man travelling to his distant occupation. Rather, it is about a man being hurled into dangerous worlds beyond our own. During this frightening journey, things are never as they seem. The levels will constantly change to create new and amazing dangers. Absurd bosses will assault and bewilder you.


  • Top notch randomly generated platform levels
  • 6 strange and frightening bosses
  • Cosmic horror
  • A business man
  • Metamorphosis inducing cheese
  • Dastardly engineer chickens
  • Expired meats


    • OS: Windows 8
    • Memory: 4 MB RAM
    • Storage: 4 MB available space
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