Awkward Dimensions Redux OST

Awkward Dimensions Redux OST

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The Awkward Dimensions Redux Original Soundtrack is a collection of over 20 different tracks from 5 artists. These songs are just a snippet of the amazing work these musicians do, and I encourage you to check out the rest of their work along with the other musicians work that was not created specifically for this game on the game's hub pinned discussion board for links to their bandcamp and soundcloud pages.

All Tracks Are Presented In Mp3 Format.
  • Dong Lee - Reckoner In Green
  • Dong Lee - Uhhh
  • Dong Lee - Backdrop Suite
  • Dong Lee - Killing Time
  • Dong Lee - Haley, a piano arrangement
  • Dong Lee - 90 Bpm Experiment
  • Dong Lee - 110 Bpm Experiment
  • Dong Lee - 140 Bpm Experiment
  • Dong Lee - A Waltz
  • Dong Lee - Rigaudon
  • Dong Lee - E Minor Swag Marila
  • Dong Lee - 09 Track 9
  • Dong Lee - Piano and Drums
  • Dong Lee - Steven Music 1
  • Dong Lee - Steven Music 2
  • Dong Lee - Intimate Piano Skit
  • Dong Lee - Lounge
  • Dong Lee - Lovely Ablad, revisisted
  • Dong Lee - Another Night in the city
  • Pablo Garduño - 40's & Bluntsss
  • American Grandma - Teenage Games
  • American Grandma - Downbeat Anthem
  • Franz Liszt - Liebestraum No. 3 Notturno (Recording by Piano Markus)
  • Clawfoot Slumber - Alone
  • Steven Harmon - Surface
  • Steven Harmon - That Dark Dark Place
Songs will be placed in your Awkward Dimensions Redux folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\steamapps\common\Awkward Dimensions Redux\OST
Songs can also be scanned in the Steam settings and played through the built in music player in Steam.


    • Additional Notes: Computer must be able to play mp3 files
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