Lil Big Invasion - Soundtrack

Lil Big Invasion - Soundtrack

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In contrast to its cute visuals, Lil Big Invasion has a very dark and atmospheric soundtrack. Each dungeon hits you with a catchy beat that won't leave you for good.

Dungeon Beat Soundtrack

This soundtrack features 17 handcrafted tracks. It includes the main theme, the credits theme and all 15 "Dungeon Beats":

01 - That Silly Main Theme
02 - Dungeon Beat Awakens
03 - On The Other Side
04 - Secret Paths
05 - Stony Winds
06 - Wind Tic
07 - Blow'n Fly
08 - Sticky Webs
09 - They Are Stuck
10 - Creepy Spiders
11 - Meet the Carrier
12 - Carried Away
13 - Underground Tours
14 - Glowing Flowers
15 - Red Dungeon Groove
16 - Glow Rotation
17 - Credits

Note from the developer

Hi, I'm the developer of "Lil Big Invasion". I composed each track to match the atmosphere of the corresponding dungeons. I developed this game in my spare time and it took me about two years. I hope you will enjoy the game and its music as well :)


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