Zombidle - Berzerk Pack

Zombidle - Berzerk Pack

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Go Berzerk with the Berzerk pack, get all of them currencies to spend willy nilly on all the things you want, no, all the things you NEED. Also, get a buncha shards, because why not. But we all know this isn't what you are here for, you want that sweet sweet hat action, and you are in luck, because this pack also includes one of the utmost decadence. You are welcome.


  • x4 Skull drop. (+2 green shards)
  • x4 DPS boost (+2 yellow shards)
  • Best deal on diamonds (+500 diamonds)
  • Hatful of bloodstones (a big hat) (+75 bloodstones)
  • Exclusive Berzerker Helmet


    • OS: 7
    • Processor: Something that goes beep beep boop
    • Graphics: mild
    • Sound Card: Dark Magician
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